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Modern Resale makes tomorrow's design classics accessible today. Modern Resale specializes in the purchase and sale of classic and modern designer furniture, lighting, and accessories. We only carry the best pieces, with proven design pedigrees. This ensures that you will receive a lasting, heirloom-quality piece of original design when you buy through us.

Modern Resale was founded in 2012 to bring top-brand modern design to more people at affordable prices. Because they are passionate about forward-thinking design, quality craftsmanship, and the constant evolution of technology, architects, interior designers, and students in design love and adore the brands we work with. We offer a better alternative to reproductions and copies. Once they see original design, they will never go back. We believe that good design is more than just beautiful. It also makes you feel good.

Sarah Whipple, founder, and Stacia Vinar share more than 30 years combined experience in high-end furniture design and manufacturing. They have accumulated a keen curatorial eye as well as intimate knowledge of some of the most important brands and designers over this period. They understand the importance of high-quality, modern furniture. They realized that high-end, affordable modern furniture was in great demand and created a niche to make carefully chosen, pre-owned furniture more accessible to consumers. Modern Resale was created in Los Angeles, one of the most renowned design areas in the world.

Sarah Whipple is co-founder

Sarah was a Chicago artist who focused on conceptually-based, minimal sculpture. She has been a fixture of the Chicago arts scene for eight years, making and showing art with great success. In 1998, she moved to Los Angeles to continue her education as a fine artist and expand her interest in interior design. In 1998, she moved to Los Angeles to work in marketing and sales for high-end contemporary design. She eventually launched and managed the B&B Italia showroom. Sarah built trusting relationships with a select client base and industry insiders, both local and international. Modern Resale was the result of her discerning eye, market skills, and experience in customer service.

Stacia Vinar, Co-Founder

Stacia Vinar studied Italian at University of Minnesota, before she set off for Italy in her senior year. What was supposed to be a year abroad became eight years of exploration into Italian design and culture. Stacia started an export company and traveled to the States to bring cutting-edge Italian design to America. Stacia was invited to Diva, an Italian furniture showroom in West Hollywood, during a business trip. Stacia's focus was on sales and marketing, and she built a large client list, including leaders in hospitality, residential, and public project design. Modern Resale was born out of Stacia's entrepreneurial spirit, love of design culture and co-creation of Modern Resale. This new business model combines all her passions.

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